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Early in his building materials career, Henry Krueger became known as the go-to guy for bulkheads. Whenever anyone came in the store and asked about bulkheads, he recalls, they would say, Go see Henry. I became a specialist, And it paid off. After spending years in retail, Krueger decided to start his own business, in, you guessed it, bulkheads. A decade ago, he formed New England Bulkhead, a business that is thriving these days in a market that stretches north to New Hampshire, south to Rhode Island and the Cape, and west to the outer edge of Interstate 495.
Krueger, who lives in Canton with his wife and five children, came from a construction family, gravitating into Curly's Lumber World in Dorchester after graduating from UMass Boston. He stayed with the Dorchester firm for 11 years, then, in partnership with his brother, opened Yankee Lumber in Canton in 1980. After 11 years, he recalls, it became evident that the big box retailers had changed the dynamic. So we sold the business. He then worked in retail for the next eight years before deciding to follow the dream he had nurtured since his days as a business major in college: to start his own business in the field he knew so well. True to Krueger's expertise in this specialized construction niche, New England Bulkhead does it all. We install Gordon and Bilco steel cellar doors, Krueger points out. We also do complete excavation dig-outs and install pre-cast concrete stairs with new Bilco metal bulkhead tops. More specifically, the company fabricates on-site steel foundation plates on pre-existing sloped stone, granite, brick, block, or poured concrete. This procedure covers the top of the sloped sides and base. Krueger and his three-man crew then install Gordon steel doors to give the installation an all-steel top. Finally, he notes, We seal all joints with a 50-year sealant. Krueger notes that the shaky economic situation has had little effect on his business. A leaking bulkhead, he says, needs to get fixed. Covering the faulty bulkhead with a tarpaulin is counterproductive, he warns. By the time we get there, (such installations) have outlived their lives by two years.
New England Bulkhead doesn't do cold calls, but rather responds to householders who call to enlist the company's services. The company responds by examining the site and providing a free estimate covering the proposed job and its cost. Then one of Krueger's representatives places a follow up call to determine whether the prospect wants to go ahead with the project. And that's it. We don't haunt you. New England Bulkhead carries all of the requisite licenses, and is insured for liability. Incidentally, the company manages to stay busy during the frigid months of winter. Were still out selling - measuring and marketing, Krueger points out. But we work year around, weather permitting. And just for backup, New England Bulkhead hits the road with a snowplow when conditions demand. In case you need to know, Henry Krueger said the average bulkhead lasts from 25 to 40 years. So if your bulkhead is running out of time, a call to 781-801-4900 will put you in touch with the guy who earned the title of bulkhead specialist many years ago - and takes pride in the fact that he hasn't lost his touch.


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Consulted on Bulkead replacement They came to my home with the intention of replacing the bulkeads. They looked at determined I did not need a new bulkead and instead instructed maintenance of the gutter system. I was very impressed.

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